2016 Tigé R21 Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 Tigé R21WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

Tigé's R21 is a budget wonder boat with big functionality that's way ahead of the pack on aesthetics. The R21 is for the recreational-plus crew that doesn't want or need an in-depth touchscreen but still demands a great wake.

The new TAPS 3 surf system was introduced this year, and it allows for evenly weighted surfing on a Tigé. The R21 is a budget boat, but you can still opt for TAPS 3, and it has just as much ballast as the Z1, so you’re getting a lot of surf performance for the money. Tigé released the first-ever Surf Link remote last year, and it’s even better this year because you can control not only the wave’s shape but also the transfer side while you’re surfing. The dash is attractive and clean because the touchscreen does all the heavy lifting. The R21 is a budget boat, but you’ve got a lot of first-rate features, like the touchscreen and Zero Off speed control, which is a lot of value. The R21 also looks amazing inside and out. The diamond stitching, the textured vinyl, the ergonomics — it all looks and feels like a budget boat built by a legacy manufacturer that knows exactly what it’s doing. We’re fans of the minimalist exterior graphics as well.