2016 Supra SE Review

The Supra SE is back and better than ever for 2016
wakeboarding boat
2016 Supra SE WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

The biggest boat in the line, the 2016 Supra SE rolled out last year with some interior upgrades. The SE is for the Supra fan who wants to bring everyone wakeboarding and surfing with ramps worthy of pulling the 2015 Pro Wake Tour.

Supra Swell surf system is all the more convenient on the SE because moving weight from side to side on a boat this big takes a lot of time and effort. With Swell you just pick which side you want to surf from the touchscreen and the boat does the rest for you. Adjust the bigger-than-ever wake plate and dial in your wave. For 2016, Supra simplified the system and modified the plates to make the process more turnkey. Supra is a luxury brand, and it absolutely shows through in the creature comforts inside the SE. Accent stitching, textured vinyl, machined aluminum, stereo remotes, cup holders, rear-facing seating — the SE checks all the boxes of a lavish interior. In a boat this size, everything is bigger, and the captain’s job is that much more complex, which is why the Vision Touch screen is so crucial. The touchscreen helps you simplify things with shallow menus and an intuitive interface that makes turning on the docking lights as easy as setting up the entire boat for pro-level wakeboarding.