2016 Supra SC Review

wakeboarding boat
2016 Supra SCWBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

The 2016 Supra SC is a swell-maker with a small footprint and tons of luxury features. It's for the buyer who wants recreational-plus wakes in a luxurious package with a relatively small footprint.

You won’t believe this is a 21.5-foot boat when you get into the 2016 Supra SC, and you really won’t believe it when you see the surf wave. This boat can get an uncommonly large surf wave, and it’s thanks to the depth of the hull. The depth also gives you a spray-free ride inside the lounge and larger-than-class stowage. The 2016 Supra Swell surf system is the brains behind all this surf brawn. With so much surf potential, you owe it to yourself to try the Swell system. You don’t have to move any weight around, and you can home in on your perfect wave right from the helm. A lot has been done on the interior this year, but the highlights are new flooring options, including marine-grade foam, a JL Audio upgrade, and integrated storage behind the driver. A new shifter on the 2016 Supra SC is as smooth as it gets and is powered by the Raptor Series of engines by Indmar, a power plant specifically designed to churn out torque tailored to the demands of wakeboarding and surfing.