2016 Axis T22 Review

wakeboard boat
2016 Axis T22 ReviewWBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

If you love the Axis look, feel and performance but want a traditional bow, the T22 is for you. Great for people who demand a great wake but don't need a touchscreen and all the wake-shaping devices.

The most distinguishing feature on the T22 is the traditional bow. It’s the main difference between the T22 and A22, and the two different models exist because people love the wake, value and simplicity of the Axis line, but some prefer one bow style to the other. The T22 has a more classic, traditional boat feel, while the A22 is a bit more progressive. That’s it. Performance is comparable, and they even have the same seating capacity. The dash was redesigned for 2016 to be cleaner and more aesthetic. It still has that coveted Axis simplicity with rocker switches and analog gauges, but it looks more tailored to the boat than ever before. Surf Gate performs really well on the entire Axis line, and it’s a must on the T22. There’s no shifting ballast around when you want to surf the opposite side, and you really don’t have to change the weight configuration from your wakeboard setup. Surf Gate has a new actuator so it switches faster than before, which makes transferring from side to side on an Axis that much easier.