2016 Axis A22 Review

wakeboard boat
2016 Axis A22 ReviewWBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

The boat that started it all for Axis, the A22 is back with some solid improvements for 2016. The A22 is the perfect size for the average family, and it throws pro-level wakeboard wakes with minimal set up.

The biggest change on the A22 was in the dash. It was redesigned for 2016 and besides the cleaned-up look, the dash is still just as simple and user friendly as it’s always been. Toggle switches, analog gauges, a solid throttle — there’s not much to go wrong or figure out when you’re driving the A22, and that’s something special on a boat. Wake performance for wakeboarding and surfing on the A22 are standout among the value-class boats, and a lot of the surf performance is thanks to Surf Gate. The actuators are hydraulic now, so the system switches faster than ever before, which helps nail transfers. The whole Axis line works really well with Surf Gate, and you don’t have to move weight around when you want to switch to wakeboarding, which really fits with the low-maintenance Axis mantra. The A22’s tower is solid, and it looks like an extension of the boat, which is something that can be lacking on budget brands. New for 2016, the tower has a latch system that’s head and shoulders above the old.