2016 Axis A20 Review

The Axis A20 has even more to offer thanks to its 2016 overhaul
wakeboard boat
2016 Axis A20 Review WBM

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Axis A20 was totally redesigned for 2016 to be even more surf friendly than before without sacrificing the features, performance and value that made this little boat a standout in previous iterations. The A20 is ideal for crews on small waterways who skew more toward the wakeboard and surf side of water sports.

For this small of a footprint, the Axis A20 has a lot to offer in wake performance. The surf wave is especially huge. The A20 was deepened for 2016 to carve out more room in the lounge than ever before. The dash was redesigned for 2016 to simplify the look while maintaining overall function. Essentially, Axis gave a welcome face-lift to a familiar product without slashing functions, like drivability and the Surf Gate toggle switch. Surf Gate makes an uncommonly big wave on the little A20. The surf wave is huge and clean, and you don’t have to move any weight around after your wakeboard is set. The toggle switch is at the dash and creates a wave on either one side or the other when you flip it one way or the other. The A20 is one of the highest-performing budget boats on the water, and since it has coveted Malibu DNA, you’re getting the quality that only comes from a legacy manufacturer.