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January 19, 2011


Viewed as the world’s elite pro wakeboarding series, the King of Wake ties the sport’s most prestigious contests together into one ultimate season-long points chase to see who rules the wake.

Athletes from around the world compete during the course of a season to be named the “King of Wake” – an award based on points accumulated at each stop of the series. The series includes the Wake Games, the WWA National Championships, the WWA World Championships and all five stops on the Pro Wakeboard Tour- a separate series within the King of Wake.

At each event, athletes battle it out on the water for points by performing rail tricks and aerial stunts, while being pulled by a towboat at a speed of approximately 25mph.



The King of Wake consists of eight events, in which the top qualifying athletes compete for points toward the series standings. Athletes are ranked according to their total points earned throughout the season. The highest total points-earner at the end of the season will be crowned the King of Wake.

To keep the points race tight, the King of Wake features the “Chase for the Crown” format. This format narrows the field of athletes eligible for the crown to the top 10 riders in the standings midway through the season. The 10 athletes involved in the Chase will have their point totals adjusted, following the fifth contest of the series, to tighten the race in the standings.

All athletes will still compete at each of the remaining events in the series, but only the athletes involved in the Chase will have the remaining three stops to top each other for the King of Wake crown.



At each event, athletes will compete in heats through a series of rounds, including qualifiers, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Only the top-scoring athletes in each heat advance onto the following round until a winner is determined in the finals.

In each heat, athletes are scored by a panel of judges during the course of their run. A run consists of one pass up and down the competition course. Athletes are judged on the tricks performed within their run. Each run must include aerial tricks performed off of the wake, as well as rail-based tricks performed on several pieces of floating apparatus. A maximum of 100 points can be earned in an athlete’s run.

Athletes who qualify into each contest will receive points – see chart below- based on their final placement in that event. These points will be used to rank athletes in the standings.


Points Chart

Place Points Place Points Place Points
1st 100 13th 35 25th 12
2nd 90 14th 31 26th 11
3rd 80 15th 27 27th 10
4th 75 16th 23 28th 9
5th 70 17th 20 29th 8
6th 65 18th 19 30th 7
7th 60 19th 18 31st 6
8th 55 20th 17 32nd 5
9th 51 21st 16 33rd 4
10th 47 22nd 15 34th 3
11th 43 23rd 14 35th 2
12th 39 24th 13 36th 1



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